Solar Panel Installers in Melbourne

Solar kW is one of many solar panel installers in Melbourne. We are accredited by the Clean Energy Council and are also a member of the Australian PV association. As a solar panel installer, we pride ourselves in the quality of workmanship we offer to our clients. We supply excellent quality products with up to 25 years warranty. Our solar installer personnel are all qualified A-grade electricians to install solar power. We all are recognised by the Clean Energy Council as competent to perform work as solar installers. By being a certified and qualified solar installer, our installation works are eligible for government rebates. At Solar kW, our team comprises of experienced electricians whom have had many years in the solar installation business to understand the importance of installing quality and durable solar panel systems that lasts.

Reasons to choose Solar kW for solar installation:

Solar Panel Installation

There is a process with solar panel installation. In particular, with solar panel installation in Melbourne, there are processes in place during pre-installation stage, solar installation stage and solar operational stage. Tabulated below is a guide that will help you understand what needs to happen from the moment you think that solar panel installation is the way to go. At Solar kW, our consultants will guide you through every step of the process keeping you up to date and informed about the solar installation stage and solar operational stage. Our clients find value in our ability to maintain a good relationship with after sales support. Solar systems installation will add monetary value to your property as it is an asset that is capable of generating electricity or value to the owner.

Solar Power in Melbourne

The sun’s energy is available for free all day every day. Being able to capture the solar power is sustainable to our future. The generation of solar power in Melbourne is high. Solar power in the modules (panels) are generated from irradiation levels from the sun. This means that even though sunlight may not be intense on an overcast day, irradiation levels may still be relatively high therefore solar power generated in Melbourne is still quite high. Solar kW services both the residential and commercial sector in Melbourne.